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🌱 Web environment

We are committed to the defense of our Environment and that is why within our company we follow all the "Best Practices".

Today, web servers are a considerable burden on the energy consumption worldwide. For this reason, we design and develop our systems with energy efficiency in mind, in order to reduce our technological footprint.

All website resources (HTML, CSS, images, fonts, scripts...) are automatically optimized.

  • At user level: downloading fewer bytes, which makes pages load faster and savie users mobile data.
  • At server level: increasing the maximum capacity of our servers, which also means lower web hosting costs.

That is also an important factor for web positioning (SEO, for 'Search Engine Optimization) on the Internet (Google) that penalizes slow and heavy websites, specially on mobile devices.

  • Improve web visibility in an organic way, according to determined search criteria.