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🐍 About Pizza Snake

Pizza Snake is a snake videogame for all audiences available for Android and the web.

There are 2 versions of the game: Pizza Snake and Pizza Snake PRO.

Pizza Snake videogame is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and for the web on

Pizza Snake PRO is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The objective of the game is to eat as many pizzas as you can without biting yourself or exiting the table or the game area.

You conrol the snake touching where you want to go, to eat as many pizzas as you can.

Each pizza gives you points. With points you collect stars.
There are 5 stars per level.

- Pizza Snake has 8 levels: Classic, Midnight, Winter, Jalapeño, Maze, Snooker, Abstract, Big Classic. And one difficuly level: Normal

- Pizza Snake PRO has 9 levels, exclusive level - Space!, and 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and PRO.

Each level has unique graphics and mechanics.

To finish the game you must collect ALL the stars ⭐️!

It is inspired on an MS-DOS game called Pizza Worm, created by Sami "zorlim" Lehtinen in 1994.

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"Lembram-se do" velhinho "Snake que fazia parte dos antigos telemóveis da Nokia o Pizza Worm lançado em 1994 for MS-DOS? O Pizza Snake es un divertido jogo português, criado pelo Ino Detelic".


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I've used to learn how OpenGL ES worked on Android


Big thanks to my family and friends :D

Thanks to Apostrophic Labs for the "Komika" font used in the game and this website.

Developed by:

3... 2.. 1. Pizza Snake !

About the developer

Name: Ino Detelic

Profession: Architect and software developer

Education: Architecture degree at Coimbra University, Portugal


Early History

I was Born in Croatia (former Yugoslavia) and moved with my parents to Portugal in 1991 just before the war started. I was always the creative type, drawing, painting, making music, wooden pinball machines, inventing things with Lego and gravity racers.

My dad is an architect and an early computer adopter so I always had computers around when I was a kid. That means I've played many early DOS games in the 80s and 90s. I've learned coding alone on qBasic by reading the help. My first programs were simple games, of course.

Around 1995 I've started learning 3d Studio and making animations with cars racing on tracks and spaceships in space. In 2002-2003 I went to study Architecture at the Coimbra University. I didn't have a computer in the first 3 years of university. When I had it was only to draw on AutoCAD and make architecture 3d renderings on 3ds Max.


After finishing university I've worked on architecture and 3d visualization rendering for Architecture and in my spare time I started coding again, this time for the web. After many failed personal web projects and a few semi-successful ones, I bought an Android phone and started learning programming for it in my spare time.

Pizza Snake

That's how Pizza Snake was born. I wanted to make a simple enough game in order to be able to learn Java and OpenGL ES, and I wanted to make it the best and the prettiest I could.
I always loved Pizza Worm, a MS-DOS game made by Sami "Zorlim" Lehtinen that I used to play in Portugal. I wanted to do a modern take on Pizza Worm with touch controls.

I've started development in July 2012, and in November 7th, 2012 the first version was released on Google Play store. This verstion had only 3 playable levels but hinted more were "coming soon".

I've continued updating the game until January 30th 2013. At this point there were 2 versions, a free one with 4 levels and a paid one with 9.

In January 2014 I've started making an iOS version to learn Objective-C and iOS programming, and I didn't want to make a straight port because I wanted to redo the start and level select screens. From January to April 2014 I've made the iOS port working on my spare time. After releasing the iOS version, I went back to introduce the new changes and additions to the Android version.

In december 2019 a renewed Pizza Snake Pro is launched on the Google Play store.